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Up to date techniques by qualified specialists with Scientific focus.​

Horses have evolved over millions of years from small forest dwelling creatures into the athletic animal we know today.  Despite their tall, muscular stature, riding certainly affects their musculoskeletal system due to, often time, excessive weight-bearing.  Research suggests that weight-bearing induces spinal extension in horses which predisposes them to back pain among other more significant problems such as overriding dorsal spinous processes commonly known as kissing spine (De Cocq, Van Weeren and Back, 2004).  Unfortunately rider asymmetry also affects horses because they have to compensate to remain balanced.  It is therefore often important to assess horse and rider together to determine the source of the problem presenting in the horse, rather than just treating the symptoms


Kylie is a dynamic and informed Human and Equine Sports Therapist who strives to treat horses and riders from a functional perspective using a complex framework derived from her extensive experience in both sport and equine realms.  She understands the complexity of the human-horse dyad and as such is a firm advocate of working with both horse and rider together to maximise results.  


With her background in Sports Therapy as well as her ability to consult with Craig, Kylie offers sports specific training protocols for riders looking to improve performance. 


The horse-human dyad is an incredibly unique partnership. Treating either horse or human alone cannot possibly yield the same results as comprehensively treating and conditioning both together.  

Kylie has worked with International Equestrians from a wide range of disciplines including Team England Polo player Hazel Jackson and her ponies, World Cup Polocrosse players from New Zealand, International Showjumpers, Eventers, Dressage Riders from Great Britain, South Africa and Zimbabwe and their horses, as well as extensively working with racehorses and apprentice jockeys in Zimbabwe.  

Our comprehensive list of clients and experience has enabled us to work with some exciting partnerships across the disciplines and across the world.

"She really understands the symbiosis that comes from mutually performing at an optimum level, which is essential for maintaining good equine performance"


- Tony Nevin -

Great Britain, Osteopath

Equestrian Performance


   Kylie Bonthrone - Equine Physio and Rider Sports Therapist

          BSc (Hons) Equine Science, PGDip VPhys, SMT, NKTP, MIAAT           

    Craig Bonthrone - Strength and Conditioning Coach

       MSc Coaching Science, NSCA accredited,  BSc (Hons) S and C,  FdSc. 

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