Rider Performance Programme



Using Video Analysis and The same Jacket used by the British Equestrian Federation's World Class Programme, Kylie and Craig provide ridden assessments in a wide variety of sports.  


Having supported National Showjumpers, Event Riders and Dressage Riders, combined with understanding the complexities of the sports, we are able to detect poor movement patterns that may have deleterious effects on Performance.  


We aim to implement "The aggregation of marginal gains" for elite riders aimed at competing globally.  


"We are focused on improving performance"







Equestrian Performance


   Kylie Bonthrone - Equine Physio and Rider Sports Therapist

          BSc (Hons) Equine Science, PGDip VPhys, SMT, NKTP, MIAAT           

     Craig Bonthrone - Strength and Conditioning Coach

       MSc Coaching Science, NSCA accredited,  BSc (Hons) S and C,  FdSc.